Clear to Work

Proudly QLD-owned, Clear to Work was established 12 years ago and is Australia’s largest online hospitality RTO and offer both accredited and non-accredited courses via their exclusive online platform.  The provide a very agile training service to meet the needs of the hospitality, child care, aged care and health sectors.

Here is a full list of their current courses. https://cleartowork.com.au/onlinetraining/

For Police Checks, they provide a platform that automates (with rigorous checks and balances) the process of issuing and obtaining the background checks needed to ensure a safe and compliant workforce…..at a price point unmatched in the Australian marketplace.

Visit Clear to work’s Police check platform now. https://check.cleartowork.com.au/

Safety Mates are a young company driven to help all their clients reach appropriate compliance levels throughout their operations. Their purpose is to analyse and take action against any problems your business may encounter and take proactive steps to deliver easy to live with compliance solutions.

Consulting –
Their qualified staff will help you identify and resolve compliance issues pertaining to WHS, Food Safety, Emergency Management and AML/CTF that your business is facing.

Service and Advice –  They deliver a wide range of services to their customers that ensures compliance levels are maintained and that internal resources are used to keep costs down.

Training – Providing both in-house and online training solutions in all areas of safety and compliance. You can rest assured that your people have the knowledge to undertake their job correctly.

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Visit Safety Mates’ website. https://www.safetymatesaustralia.com/