We are passionate about the food industry in Australia.
We want all food business to have access to the best possible food safety systems at an affordable price, so they can get on doing
what they do best without worrying about compliance.

Brendan Power
Chief Executive Officer

What Brendan does not know about hospitality is not worth knowing! With an upbringing in pubs and hotels Brendan knows his way around bars, bottle shops, function centres, gaming rooms and restaurants.

With over 35 years hospitality experience, Brendan brings to Safe Food Pro a level of sector knowledge not easily achieved even by multiple people. Sitting on the Bronco’s League Club Board he still actively shares his passion for the industry with other board members and the senior management team.

“I look forward to delivering Safe Food Pro to outlets across Australia with the aim of improving compliance, lowering food management costs and improving delivery and safety of food”

Daniel Brimelow
Chief Operating Officer

Having worked in the hospitality sector for 25 years as a chef, baker and restaurant manager, Dan brings to the team a wide range of knowledge and expertise.

I moved into Food Safety 13 years ago and have certifications in HACCP Management and Food Safety Program development.  Having worked extensively with not for profits, pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants I have developed both accredited and HACCP certified Food Safety Programs and a multitude of Food Safety Systems nationally.

As an internal auditor for over 100 venues across Australia, I have a deep understanding of how food safety works in Australia as well as the pain points of managing a food safety system.

The Safe food Pro system is by far the best I have seen in the market with the flexibility to be able to branch across the many different areas of the food sector!  

Having implemented this into establishments in Australia, I can tell you from experience that it has streamlined food safety reporting, giving chefs, management and line staff more time to focus on what’s important, delivering food to their customers.


Marcus Ellem
Director of Training and Support

Having worked in computer hardware repair, software management and customer service for over a decade, Marcus brings to the team an understanding of how difficult it can be to integrate a software solution into a workforce that has not used this type of application before.

Being able to speak to people in “IT” without the jargon is something he excels at and he is good and providing support to people with limited software or computer experience.

Marcus is a valuable asset to Safe Food Pro and will form the corner stone of customer support in Australia during roll out and installation of this application into food businesses across our great land


David Fien
Director of Sales

David’s experience in the hospitality sector spans some 20+ years. From the early days of working as a Concierge with the SHPC Hotel Group at the renowned Brisbane Park Royal, David has worked across all manner of hospitality venues in Australia, New Zealand and the US.  He holds a Bachelor of Business in Hospitality Management from the University of Queensland.

Passionate about digital transformation, his career has spanned hospitality and healthcare with a deep connection to both via a trusted business network and a knack for connecting the right people at the right time.

Heading up Sales nationally for Safe Food Pro, David is very excited about working with hospitality businesses to evolve their digital journey